"Since I was 15 years old (now 46), I have been so embarrassed and ashamed of my teeth. I did not like my edge to edge bite. My front teeth were shorter and more narrow than everyone else. Over the years, my gum line receded and my teeth eroded. I spent many years trying to hide my teeth. I didn't want to smile big and if I did, I would think of what others must be thinking of my teeth. When Dr. Tiffany Dushane started to take care of my teeth, she said she can help me in all these areas. After careful, step by step planning, she was able to restore the health of my gums, correct my edge to edge bite, widen and lengthen my teeth to give me a beautiful smile. She put veneers on 8 of my upper teeth and bonded two. She has educated me in the proper care of my teeth. She has changed my life and smile forever. I will always be grateful for her up to date knowledge in dental technology and her deep passion for it as well. I have never been in such good hands."

Lisa Woodhouse

"After my first visit to Dr. Dushane's office, I knew that my 10 year search for a dentist was over. Dr. Dushane was recommended to me by my children's pediatric dentist. Dr. Dushane was informative and listened to all my concerns and for the first time I felt my dentist was listening to me and appropriately addressed my issues. I never felt pressured to consider any treatment that was not necessary. I felt very comfortable and already have my next cleaning scheduled. I highly recommend Dr. Tiffany Dushane."

Celina Serrano

"I have to be candid--I was hesitant to switch dental offices, but I had heard from colleagues and friends that Dr. Dushane was a top-notch dentist and that she was launching her own practice. I decided to give her a try recently, and I was simply blown away. The staff was attentive; the office was professional and immaculate; and the equipment was new and cutting-edge. The highlight, however, was Dr. Dushane. She was simply terrific. She did the most comprehensive intake/examination of any practitioner I’ve experienced. And although I have to confess that I don’t enjoy being in the dentist chair, I felt comfortable, relaxed, safe, and in good hands when Dr. Dushane was doing the work. It just seemed to me that she was working at a higher level than those dentists I’ve seen in the past -- I left feeling that a professional is now taking care of my dental needs. I recommend Dr. Dushane with enthusiasm and without hesitation."

Paul Murtagh

"I needed a dentist in LA and I'm very happy to have found Doctor Dushane. The care was gentler than any I've ever had and was very complete and effective. This included a surprisingly pain-free cleaning in addition to x-rays and periodontal measurements. She took the time to answer my questions which helped me feel more comfortable. She also gave me advise for my home care so I look forward to seeing my progress next time with her. The easy, paper free intake process and the beautiful view from her office were nice plusses! This was a huge relief after wondering if I could find another good, personable dentist."

Jim Beck

"I have never been fond of going to see a dentist. Inevitably, the scraping, poking, and prodding of my teeth and gums always made me anxious. Upon my first visit with Dr. Dushane, I was hoping this visit was going to be different. It was one of the most pleasant visits I could have ever imagined. Dr. Dushane is one of the most knowledgeable dentists I have ever met. She spends more time educating me about my teeth and oral hygiene than all of my past dentists combined. Additionally, her use of the latest techniques and technologies made the cleaning far more comfortable than I could have imagined. If you’re looking for a better dental experience, I would strongly recommend a visit with Dr. Dushane."

Rich Liu

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